Florian Fries Trio






„The heart has it‘s reasons, which reasons cannot know“



Intuition, Muse, a free, streaming heart.

Looking for depth, patiently asking.

The source of this project is the energy of life, pushing outside through compositions, improvisation and the willingness to take musical risks.

Experimental european, nordic and eastern sounds, inspired by artists like Carla Bley, Paul Motion, Jakob Bro.

Yet without the load of conventions, expectations and claims from the outside. – Only in your own inner you’ll find what you are searching for and so the compositions leave space, to every participant of the trio, for finding their own urge and develop it through improvisation, opening up new worlds  for the listeners.


Coming out of the aspiring young german jazz scene, all three musicians bring their own significantly successes. International concerts with outstanding artists and institutions like Jonas Burgwinkel, Michael Moore, Pablo Held, Sebastian Gramss, Sabine Kühlich, Thea Soti, the Bujazzo and the Pascal Klewer BigBand leave expectations, which the Trio outperforms.

            Florian Fries - Tenor Sax / Comp

        Florian Herzog - Double Bass

Lukas Wilmsmeyer - Guitar