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Florian Fries Trio





„The heart has it‘s reasons, which reasons cannot know“



Intuition, a free, streaming heart.

Looking for depth, patiently asking.

The source of this project is the energy of life, pushing out through compositions, improvisation and the willingness to take musical risks.

Without conventions, expectations and claims from the outside – only through engaging with one’s self one might find what they are searching for and so Florians compositions leave space, to every participant, for finding their own urge and develop it through improvisation, opening up new worlds for the listeners.


To end his studies at the „Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln“, Florian gathered some of his most inspiring fellow musicians for his final concert.

            Florian Fries - Tenor Sax / Comp

        Florian Herzog - Double Bass

Lukas Wilmsmeyer - Guitar


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