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Pascal Klewer BigBand

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The Pascal Klewer Bigband is an contemporary jazz large Ensemble performing the works of Pascal Klewer. They play regularly in Cologne as a part of the self organized series Pascal Klewer Bigband meets  featuring some of the biggest stars in improvised Music (Peter Brötzmann, Christian Lillinger, Evan Parker, Kit Downes, Christopher Dell..)

As a part of this series Pascal writes a complete program of new music for each guest, handwritten to combine the aesthetics and playing styles of these extraordinary musicians with the sound of the bigband and of each individual in the band.

They´ve performed at Summerklaeng Koeln, Place d´Armes Luxemburg, ARTheater Köln, LOFT Köln, Altes Pfandhaus Köln, Hinterhofsalon Köln.

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